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Design and SEO team specializing in Intuit - Homestead websites

S & J Enterprises had its beginning in 2007 when we (Susan and Judy) decided to collaborate on writing a book for Homestead users on search engine optimization for web sites. Our involvement with the Homestead Connection Forum showed that Homestead users were falling off the search engine grid due to lack of knowledge on how to optimize a web site. SEO Building Blocks™ explains what search engine optimization is and how to apply it to Intuit - Homestead sites in easy-to-understand terms.
When we were approached about writing a second book on how to start a home based web site design business using the Intuit Websites by Homestead software we felt it would be a useful tool for Homestead users. The Homestead Website Design ebook explains how to start a home based website design business as well as covering design do's and don'ts and ways to create an income stream to increase earnings even more.
Shortly after writing SEO Building Blocks™ we decided to combine our experience and knowledge in website design and search engine optimization and offer a Design and SEO service to Homestead users. Site design and SEO should go hand in hand - one is not successful without the other and both have certain criteria that must be met for a web site to prosper.
The Intuit Homestead software makes it relatively simple to build a web site, but it takes knowledge of design and SEO standards to produce a site that can stand up to the enormous competition on the web.
Our web site design team offers Quality Web Site Design with SEO built in, not added on.
Your Guide to Search Engine Optimization for Homestead Sites.
The Building Blocks to a Successful Home Based Business and Professional Website Design
SEO Building Blocks E Book - Guide to SEO
Homestead Website Design - Start your own home based design business
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Why S & J Enterprises?
The Homestead Connection sites were created to provide Intuit - Homestead users with the resources needed to build a successful web site and to offer assistance using the SiteBuilder program.

Homestead Connection Site
Tutorials, tips, and explanations on using the Site Builder program. An excellent resource for site building whether you are a beginning webmaster or a ‘seasoned’ user.

Homestead Connection Forum
Member owned forum. Get a site review, help with design and SEO. Learn, Build, Grow.

Homestead Connection Blog
News, views and up-to-date information about SEO and site design.

Homestead Connection Directory
Submit your Intuit or Homestead designed site free to the Directory for inbound link exposure to viewers and search engines.

Homestead Website Design and SEO
Our website and SEO Design team will build you a site that presents visitors an attractive, uncomplicated, easy-to-navigate site that encourages them to stay longer and buy more. Your web site is optimized for the search engines to increase your web site's placement in search engine results.
The Homestead Connection Family of Sites
As 'seasoned' Homestead users we have learned through trial and error the best way to design and optimize for 'drag and drop' web site programs like SiteBuilder.
Our combined knowledge and familiarity of the Intuit - Homestead website builder enables us to provide you with the solution to increase your position in Search Engine results and produce a user-friendly website.
website solutions for Intuit - Homestead sites - seo and design services
Answers and help with the SiteBuilder program:
The Homestead Connection Site
The Homestead Connection Forum 
S&J and the family of HC sites are privately owned and are not representives of Intuit or Homestead. The sites were developed to help others who use the Site Builder program as we do, to improve, enhance and enjoy sucess with their websites.